Fields in Customer Master Data for Reporting Requirements

Creating customised reports for a client is an essential part of any SAP implementation as the Standard SD reports are usually not sufficient for mapping their business processes in to the system. For SD implementation the knowledge of certain master data helps in giving the functional specifications of the reports to the ABAP'ers [programmers].
In the Sales and Distribution Module,  Customer Master is the main master data, along with Condition Master, Credit Master and Sales Employee. The following is a list of important field mapping of Customer Master along with their type [C or DYMD or CURR] and length of each field as well as whether they are marked Mandatory in the IMG.

Customer Master 
Field Name Description Type Length Mandatory
KUNNR Customer No C 10  
KTOKD Customer Account Group C 4  
COUNTRY Country Key C 3  
REGION Region C 3  
TITLE_MEDI Title C 15  
NAME1 Name 1 C 35  
NAME2 Name 2 C 35  
NAME3 Name 3 C 35  
NAME4 Name 4 C 35  
CITY1 City C 35  
PO_BOX P.O.Box. C 10  
POST_CODE2 Postal code C 10  
SORT1 Search Term C 20  
LANGU Language Key C 1  
STREET Street C 35  
TEL_NUMBER First telephone number C 16  
FAX_NUMBER Fax number CURR 31  
HOUSE_NUM1 House number C 7  
SMTP_ADDR Email 1 C 53  
REMARK Notes 1 C 53  
SMTP_ADDR Email 2 C 53  
REMARK Notes 2 C 53  
SMTP_ADDR Email 3 C 53  
REMARK Notes 3 C 53  
SMTP_ADDR Email 4 C 53  
REMARK Notes 4 C 53  
ANRED Form of Address Contact Person C 30  
NAME1 Name Contact Person C 28  
NAMEV First Name Contact Person C 35  
NAME_LAST Last Name Contact Person C 28  
TEL_NUMBER Telephone No Contact Peson CURR 16  
TEL_EXTENS Ext Contact Person CURR 7  
MOB_NUMBER Mobile No Contact Person CURR 24  
FAX_NUMBER Fax number Contact Person CURR 31  
FAX_EXTENS Ext Contact Person CURR 10  
ABTNR Dept Contact Person CURR 4  
VTEXT Description C 20  
PAFKT Function CURR 2  
VTEXT Description C 20  
Accounting View
BUKRS Company code C 4  
ZUAWA Key for sorting according to assignment numbers C 3  
BUSAB Accounting clerk C 2  
AKONT Reconciliation Account in General Ledger C 10  
KNRZE Head office account number (in branch accounts) C 10  
ZTERM Terms of payment key C 4  
VZSKZ Interest calculation indicator C 2  
ZINDT Key date of the last interest calculation DYMD 8  
ZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months C 2  
EIKTO Our account number at customer C 12  
ZSABE User at customer C 15  
KVERM Memo C 30  
FDGRV Planning group C 10  
XAUSZ Indicator for periodic account statements C 1  
DATLZ Date of last interest calculation run DYMD 8  
XZVER Indicator: Record Payment History ? C 1  
ALTKN Previous Master Record Number C 10  
MGRUP Key for dunning notice grouping C 2  
TLFXS Accounting clerk's fax number at the customer/vendor C 31  
PERNR Personnel Number C 8  
INTAD Internet address of partner company clerk C 130  
MABER Dunning area C 2  
MAHNA Dunning procedure C 4  
MADAT Last dunned on DYMD 8  
MAHNS Dunning level C 1  
Sales View
VKORG Sales Organization C 4  
VTWEG Distribution channel C 2  
SPART Division C 2  
VERSG Customer statistics group C 1  
KALKS Pricing procedure assigned to this customer C 1  
KDGRP Customer group C 2  
BZIRK Sales district C 6  
AUTLF Complete delivery defined for each sales order? C 1  
ANTLF Maximum number of partial deliveries allowed per item C 1  
KZTLF Partial delivery at item level C 1  
KZAZU Order combination indicator C 1  
VSBED Shipping conditions C 2  
VWERK Delivering plant C 4  
VKBUR Sales office C 4  
KKBER Credit control area C 4  
PARVW1 Bill to party C 10  
PARVW2 Ship to party C 10  
PARVW3 Payer C 10  
PARVW4 Main customer  C    
PARVW5 Sales employee C    
KUKLA Customer Class C 2  
WAERS Currency CURR 3